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A lumbar herniated disc and Ear ringing
It was while I was waiting for my operation day for herniated discs when I came across Self Body Make (SBM). I was desperately browsing the web looking for any information, which might help ease my extreme backache caused by the herniated discs.
I noticed some symptoms in my late 20's. One day at work, out of sudden I felt a strong pain on my lower back at work, which enabled me to sit at my desk. It was a temporary pain so I didn't pay much attention. However, the same thing started to happen more frequently and eventually, I had to give up on my work as the numbness on my left leg, despite three-times-a-week osteopath treatments, prevented me from walking. It was so unbelievably painful to do simple things like standing or sitting that I had to limit my time outside and lie flat on the floor most of the time at home. Thinking back, there were a few symptoms appearing a few years prior to the first incident. Ear ringing since the age of seven, crossing my legs while sitting since young age, sleeping only on my front, bunions, pain on my left leg... During our yearly family photo shoot, the photographer used to say to me, "keep your left shoulder level, it's higher than the right shoulder". I remember thinking, "how come? I am standing perfectly straight!". I also noticed the hem of their left trousers legs were always worn out, and wet on rainy days because they were touching the ground even though the right trousers legs were perfectly fine.
Just then, I came across SBM, and immediately empathized with its concept: make your own body (Self Body Make). I applied for a trial lesson and decided to cancel the operation and try SBM instead. The first three months was a battle with the pain, the pain caused by this exercise in order to create S-curve on the spine, which was so straight that it made the discs to deform. I was already in an unbearable pain without doing anything, so it wasn't too difficult to handle the pain knowing the exercise was making the condition better. I decided not to pressurizing myself so that I would do the exercise everyday in a bid to make it a habit. I was aware too well that Rome was not built in one day. When I realized I was making a progress thanks to a body check every month, it made me motivate even further. After a while, I noticed I was in tune with my own body and started to feel subtle changes. After all, it was me who make myself better or worse and SBM made me realize this.
I experienced two happy pregnancies
It's been nearly 5 years since my very first SBM lesson. During this time, I experienced two happy pregnancies. Doctors feared I would be bed bound as the extra weight would most likely worsen my already bad condition and I wouldn't be able to walk. Luckily, despite the doctors concern, everything went smoothly and I didn't even have a backache, let alone a walking difficulty! I carried on working until I was over 38 weeks pregnant, and exercised SBM until the day before my children were born. Today, while I'm busy with two young children, I have my 'me' time every night which I choose to spent reflecting on my mind and body by doing SBM. It's a blessing to have such a calm and positive time after a hectic day. I am so looking forward to introduce SBM to my children and share the experience together.
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