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Reasons why I started SBM
I was always looking for an easy exercise. I tried yoga and Pilates but neither of them really seemed to work. Yoga was good for relaxation but I never felt it was enough to reclaim my health. Meanwhile I met Mika. She checked my body and to my astonishment, her diagnoses were spot on. I wanted to aspire for a figure like Mika’s. That was one of the reasons why I chose SBM.
Changes after starting SBM
Exercising on a daily basis was hard at first. My body was stiff and every time I attended classes I had muscle pains. But after a couple of months I was no longer suffering from period pain and back pain. My monthly menstrual cycle was becoming less of an agony.
Symptoms of hay fever have also stopped since starting SBM. I no longer need facial masks to cover my nose during the season.
Not only I was blessed with a baby but also I have toned incredibly, thanks to SBM. Many of my friends have been moaning how they cannot get rid of excessive fat around their stomachs after giving births; on the other hand my current weight is minus 2 to 3 kilos before I was pregnant. My belly is also toned and I look more slender than the time before I got pregnant.
During my pregnancy I experienced neither back pain nor bloating and gained only 5 kilos despite indulging my favourite food to my heart content. I feel lucky and thankful for having such a smooth pregnancy period.
My current status
I am exercising SBM while I take care of my young child. As I am busy attending to childcare, I cannot exercise as much as I would like to. However, I have been managing to do it every single day and for that reason alone, I am in good health. Because I toned rapidly after the childbirth, my dress size has gone down. I must say I am happy with that!
I strongly recommend SBM to people who have been resorting to chiropractic treatment but can’t see the benefits of it, and to those who are on medication for headaches and/or period pains.
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