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After I had 3 consecutive regular periods, I discovered I was pregnant
Now two and a half years of continuing with the SBM, my body has gone through a major transformation with minor adjustments every now and then. Getting the menstrual cycle back to normal was the toughest one - it took good couple of years after giving birth to my first child – but continuing the SBM gradually got me back on track. It was one step at a time: first the bowel movements, then the menstrual cycle. When things weren’t quite going as intended from time to time, I would resort to fasting.
After I had 3 consecutive regular periods, I discovered I was pregnant with our second child at the end of the year. Again, I was extremely grateful, and could not help but think it was owing to the SBM exercise I was diligently pursuing.
I am now due to give birth in a month’s time. Unlike what I went through in Japan, childbirth in the UK is a totally different experience. Here, if the mother is in good health, she does not need to see the doctor regularly. I was shocked to learn how mothers were left to their own devices during pregnancies, which made me feel rather apprehensive. Having said that, the natural spine curve I acquired and the muscles built around my pelvis through the SBM exercise have all contributed to my wellbeing. I haven’t had any serious back pains through this pregnancy and I am feeling surprisingly well. And another astonishing fact is that my body size hasn’t changed at all, except around the belly for obvious reasons! I only gained 5 to 6 kg (11 to 13 pounds) during the pregnancy, so I don’t feel heavy at all. I can’t wait to find out how the upcoming labour will turn out.
I strongly recommend SBM to women who are feeling unwell and to those who want children. It is paramount to understand what is hindering your health. The earlier you start SBM and become healthier, the higher the chance for you to conceive. You may feel uncomfortable doing the exercise at first; even feeling pain here and there. But I cannot stress the need to carry on. Moreover, you might feel reluctant to start SBM due to financial issues, but it is important to bear in mind that investing your precious time and money is for your wellbeing in the long-run. I wouldn’t say I adore my body 100% at this moment in time but I shall aspire to improve. I am grateful to the SBM exercise, Mika, my instructor who has been supporting me through and through, and all the friends I have met in my journey of SBM.
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